Monday, April 28, 2008

Alamo Revisited

I got it wrong, the Suns looked terrible in Game 3, and the Spurs went up 3-0.  But my prediction about the talking heads was right, because now that the Suns won game 4, the boys at ESPN are all saying the Spurs could be in trouble, the series should be 2-2, if the Suns win game 5 they can bring the series back to Phoenix, etc.

Here is my analysis of game 4; The Spurs expected to lose.  I thought the refs would be terrible, because there was no way the NBA and ABC were going to allow this series to be a sweep, but the officiating was OK.  The Spurs seemed to expect the same thing.  Every time a questionable foul was called, Popovich sort of smirked and looked at his assistants, who nodded as if they were expecting it.  Duncan shook his head and smiled, the jogged back downcourt.  I think Brent Barry actually shared a laugh with Manu at one point.  

I'm not worried about the Spurs play, the Suns are too good a team to be swept anyway.  The starters didn't play many minutes, and guys like Horry and Barry got a good run in, which should help us as we go deeper into the playoffs.  

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