Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Celtic - AC Milan

A compelling match without being well-played. Milan showed their quality in a few brief spurts, but for the most part they looked content to play for the draw at Parkhead. Milan is an aging team, so I can understand why they might want to pick their battles, but Celtic's tactics were a little odd. Sometimes they seemed content to sit behind the ball and absorb the pressure from Milan (a dangerous tactic), but once in a while they would rush forward and leave themselves exposed. I think they could have used a more balanced approach, especially given the fact that they were at home, and have a woeful away record in the Champions League. I think Celtic have a decent chance, this was one of the best match-ups they could have got. I suspect the second leg at the San Siro will be a bit on the boring side. Both sides sitting behind the ball and wanting to counter-attack. An early goal will bring the game to life, let's all hope for one.

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