Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Upon Entering My Thirtieth Year

Sunshine rages through curtained windows on the warmest birthday I have ever experienced
islands remain intact two weeks after the earth shook
Scandinavian women discuss American politics in fluorescent light

I blink

maybe Hawaii has too much light
but the days are short
my birthday gets shorter as my life gets longer

29 years and people wish me well
it is not my accomplishment
I give them my mother’s phone number

she deserves the plaudits
I am just a product
a continuation of evolution

a solution to a practical problem
standing upright
a manner in which fore-limbs can be freed
can build tools
can find answers

senate hearings

my birthday last year featured an Irish pub in Honolulu and a technical writer from Kentucky
my 22nd birthday featured an Irish pub in Bolton and a computer programmer from Holland

the cake was like a brick
hurled through a window
into my world

my world then and my world now share no windows
only poems
passed back and forth between winters

theorists and experimentalists
life and something just like it
emotions and sensations

one is physical
for all of my studies I never took a physics class
never saw a true demonstration of gravity

I thought Dr. Holt had gravitas
until I saw him get drunk and try to pick up a 17 year old girl
what else can one expect from a man named after the Greek god of wine and fertility

Neruda was responsible for MSN’s quote of the day
I will never share this honor with him
but I hope to share a glass of Chilean wine with my companion

her eyes may be the color of love,
or the color of Hawaiian beaches
and her body is not far away

in fact,
she is closer to me than Neruda
or his mermaid
will ever be

November 9, 2006
Honolulu, HI

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