Saturday, June 23, 2007

Juege futbol

I played football on Playa de la Concha the other day with some lads from school. I will tell you this, when one is barefoot on the sand, that soccer ball is really hard. All of our feet were bright red and really swollen. Lots of people had cuts and bruises as well. one gent had to go to hospital because his foot got infected. All for the love of the game I suppose.
It was quite a short pitch, not a lot of space, so my philosophy was to shoot as soon as I got sight of goal. Only problem was the keeper kept making brilliant saves on my shots. And I mean world class saves. At least as far as you know. People who have seen me play are shaking their heads and smiling right now.
Anyway, one good thing about San Sebastian is that it stays light really late. Our game started at about 9 and went until 10:30 at night, which of course was the perfect time to hit the bars for some sangria and calimocho. It was a good day in Spain.

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