Thursday, June 21, 2007


I arrived in San Sebastian to discover that it was raining and the German man I would be living with had a specific pot that had to be used for tea, and a different pot that must be used for soup. I was also instructed which pillow to use in my bed, and which light to use in the bathroom. Incidently, this bathroom light turns off when the toilet flushes. It was Sunday, so all the shops were closed, but my vegetarian flatmate was kind enough to offer me a cheese sandwich.

This is quickly turning into a sitcom. "He is a 50 something German, he is a 20 something American. He lives in Spain to be near his daughter, he is visiting Spain to study Spanish. What will happen when these two crazy guys live together in San Sebastian."

Iam Fullovit from the Post says "It is the new Odd Couple."

Don Twatchett from the Daily news says "That Juergen is a laugh a minute."

"Tune in next week to see what happens when Dennis uses the wrong frying pan to saute spinach."

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