Friday, July 20, 2007

MLS All-stars 2 Glasgow Celtic 0

I thought this was entertaining match, even if the quality was not what one would hope for, especially from Celtic. The MLS looked good going forward, and, if nothing else, at least showed the eyes of the world that they have a fair amount of talented players.
I could have done without so many sideline shots of Beckham, but that is what we are going to get for the foreseeable future. Eddie Johnson looked good, and I think there is a decent chance he will go to Europe within the next month or so. The league should have sold him two years ago when Benfica was offering $5 million, as they will not get nearly as much for him now, and the likes of Derby are not as good a situation for the player, as far as development goes.
Should be an interesting weekend of matches as well. I think that is the best the MLS can hope for at this point, that fans like myself, who are mostly interested in the European leagues, find enough intrigue in MLS to watch some games, and at least keep tabs on what is happening in the league.

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