Monday, May 5, 2008


The end of my time in Hawaii is fast approaching.  I am sad to leave this island paradise, yet excited for the opportunities that await me in New York City.  Life will certainly be different there.

It is easy to miss the beaches, the rainbows, and the clear blue skies, but there is more to life here than that.  The friends I have made, and the kindness of all people here, I will always remember, especially when some stockbroker nearly pushes me into the street on a rainy Thursday morning so he can get to his office three seconds earlier.

The next few weeks will feature chaos, in the form of visitors and life-changing events.

Erin will be graduating from medical school, and officially starting her life as an MD.  I will be finishing graduate school, ready to begin life in New York as an ESL teacher.  Both of our families are coming to Oahu for the graduation ceremonies, which will be an adventure in and off itself.  And then, just a few days later, the big move back to the mainland.  Hawaii will just be a memory.  A fond memory.

This picture was taken at Magic Island on Oahu.  It was the first time Erin and I went to a Hawaiian Style BBQ.  We had been in Hawaii for 1 week.  She had just started Med School and we had moved into our apartment in Waikiki.  Four years have passed since then.  A lot of things have changed in our life.  Some have stayed the same.  

We are off to our next adventure.

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Dan said...

I had some very similar feelings when Anne and I left our apartment for the new house. Granted, we were moving across town and not across country, but muscle memory still takes over when I'm driving in the West End of New Britian, and I have to consciously not drive to the old apartment. This move felt different than other moves I've made because it was the first place that really felt like home other than the house where I grew up. It was also the first place that Anne and I made home together. I'm just saying I can relate to what you're going through.