Tuesday, February 16, 2010

AC Milan

We all know they are not what they used to be. It is also strange that they make so many silly mistakes, since "experience" is their biggest asset. Milan played well early on, and well at the end, but this is the problem. They have too many players who can only be effective in 15 or 20 minute spurts.

The bigger question has to be; Is Ronaldinho back? He drifted in and out of the match, and didn't contribute anything defensively, but that was true even when he was at his best. When he was on the ball, and able to get players around him, he certainly looked good. He was not dominant like in his Barcelona days, but those heights on not easily reached.

Dunga will certainly be watching this closely from Brazil, as will I. If Ronaldinho plays this well in the second leg at Old Trafford, close to what he did to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge several years ago, this question will become a lot more interesting.

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