Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Manchester City vs. Bolton Wanderers

This was a pretty good match to watch. Both teams were trying to attack, with Manchester City having more success in the first half and Bolton coming into the game after the break.

I wold like to mention Paul Robinson, who started at left back for Bolton. Robinson has moved back into the starting XI due to the absences of Gary Cahill and Andy O'Brien, which has forced Sam Ricketts into the center of defense. Robinson is a competent left-back, but nothing more than that. His greatest liability is that he is slow. And this lack of pace is why he had to make a tackle from behind in his own penalty box. The referee had an easy decision, and Tevez luckily put the ball in the back of the net only after it ricocheted off Bolton's keeper.

I personally just can't understand why Robinson was on the pitch instead of JLoyd Samuel. Since Samuel arrived at Bolton two and a half years ago he has been in and out of the first team. He has performed quite well when he has played, yet each of the 3 managers he has had have tried desperately to find someone to replace him. Usually I like to give the managers the benefit of the doubt in this type of situation, after all, they are the experts. Maybe he doesn't practice well. Maybe he is a poor communicator on the pitch. Maybe he doesn't have good chemistry with the other members of the back line.

But at the moment all of this is bullshit. Bolton Wanderers are locked in a relegation battle. There is no honor in going down with dignity, and there is no reward for character or sportsmanship. The best player at each position needs to be on the pitch.

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