Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA vs. England

After a brilliant first day of the 2010 World Cup, we are ready for the clash most of the English speaking world has been looking forward to for 6 months.

I was quietly confident, and had been predicting a draw for the past several months, but I have been losing this confidence in the last couple days. I fear the talent gulf may just be too great.

What I have also been saying is that the USA needs to come out aggressive if they want to have a chance. Put out a positive, attacking team and take it right to England and their questionable defense, while keeping Wayne Rooney and co. away from the USA's own dodgy defense. But there have been several reports in the last few days that Bob Bradley is going to put out a defensive team and basically play for 0-0. I don't know why so many soccer coaches still think this tactic works, because it never does. Every time there is a big upset and the revisionist narrative becomes accepted in the media, people never actually look at the game itself.

So here is my conclusion. If Bradley plays some ridiculously conservative 4-5-1 formation with a Maurice Edu, Ricardo Clark, Michael Bradley midfield, then the US will lose 4-0. If Jose Torres and/or Stuart Holden feature in a more attacking midfield set-up with Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan pushing ahead in a front three, I predict a 1-1 draw.


John said...

Great prediction on the match outcome! I think Lalas said it pretty well with "Take the point and get outta there!" It seemed like England was always on the verge of netting a few with their many opportunities and the ball crossing inside the box, while the USA had to play a lot of kickball to their speedy front. I guess the next English tabloid will be something like:


P.S. We were watching the match with the family at a dim sum place, and I think I was the only one vocally following the match in the entire place, scaring all of the patrons from time to time with my exclamations!

Dennis said...

I watched at a bar on 23rd Street with hundreds of English and American fans. There was singing, chanting, good natured trash talk, pats on the back, it was awesome. I love the World Cup!