Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cup - Spain

Spain's biggest problem may be their embarrassment of riches as far as talent is concerned. When the team is playing well or gets an injury it is wonderful to have depth at every position, but when things go wrong, as they did against Switzerland last week, doubt creeps in, second guessing starts, factions begin to form within the squad, and the manager has a big mess on his hands (also see Cappello, Fabio).

Spain have lost twice in their last 45 matches (Switzerland last week, USA last summer), and they have had a set starting XI for basically that whole period of time. Yet after one bad (and it must be said, fluky) result against the Swiss, the people of Spain are calling for changes.

As for me, I picked Spain to win the tournament, and I am not changing that prediction. I expect them to obliterate Honduras on Monday, and be well on their way to the knockout stages.

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