Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool

We don't like to admit that randomness plays a big part in our lives.  Sure, we make comments about luck, or "the rub of the green," maybe even "the way the ball bounces," when we don't get what we want, but we hate to acknowledge, especially when things go well for us, that a part of it comes down to chance.

We could (unfortunately) see this a lot.
As far as football goes, a lot of that chance is dictated by schedule.  Bolton managed to get Manchester United and West Ham when they were struggling, and we got good results from those matches.  We also got Arsenal when they were going well, and we didn't get a result.

Sunday's match against Liverpool is shaping up that way.  The Reds look to finally be shaking out of their early season funk.  Fernando Torres is rounding into form.  A new ownership group has (temporarily I suspect) calmed their fanatical supporters.  Watching Liverpool's last few matches, I have just got the feeling that at some point, someone is going to get a hiding.

As you might remember from my preseason preview, I don't think Liverpool is an especially good squad, and they will struggle to qualify for Europe this season, but they still possess a few top shelf players, and on a good day, those players can embarrass anyone.

I have this horrible image in my mind of Torres and Steven Gerrard working to overload one side or the other, and just torching whichever of our vulnerable fullbacks they choose, pulling the rest of the defense completely out of position, and creating a couple of tap-ins for somebody.  Then we will push forward to get back into the match and WHAM, we get hit on the counter-attack.  I just hope it doesn't get too embarrassing in front of the ever more fickle home supporters Owen Coyle is trying so dearly to win over.


Dennis said...

An update for Bolton. Martin Petrov has a hamstring injury and has not even made the squad. Matt Taylor will start in his place. Taylor is a very different player, and I think Bolton's formation will be more of a 4-3-3 today. Lee will push up with Elmander and Davies, while taylor will play a deeper role alongside Holden and Muamba.

Mike said...

Should have been a penalty on Carragher! His hand was up over his head, blatant hand ball.