Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kevin Davies for England!!!

A few years ago Bolton beat Manchester United 1-0, and Kevin Davies, playing wide to the right of Nicolas Anelka, absolutely battered Patrice Evra.  There were several questionable challenges and incidents of the ball between the two players, and in all honesty both deserved to be sent off.  It was Davies at his best and worst.

I was feeling the need to gloat about this victory on the following Monday, so I phoned World Soccer Daily, a North American call-in show, to taunt one of the hosts, Howard, who was a Manchester United supporter.  As soon as I got on the air I shouted, facetiously, "Kevin Davies for England!"  Howard, irritated at his team's defeat, proceeding to rant about Davies' inadequacies for a good long while before his broadcast partner explained to him that I was joking.  Unfortunately for England fans, the joke is on them.

Now, don't get me wrong, as a Bolton supporter I really like Kevin Davies, he has been a rock over the last decade, and a central part of Wanderers' recent success, but you would be hard pressed to convince me or anyone else that he is an international class striker.  This call-up says a lot more about the state of the England strike force than it does about Bolton's captain.

I just hope that if Davies plays against Montenegro he doesn't get injured.

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Mike said...

Davies and Rooney partnership will produce goals or red cards?