Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whenever I Think I Know What I am Doing...

...I look back at my preseason predictions.  Just a few gems;

On Wigan, currently bottom of the table, I wrote;

A couple injuries and some bad breaks could pull the Latics down into the relegation battle, but more likely they will have one or two good runs of form that will be just enough to safely ensconce them in the 13-16 range of the table. 

On Wolves, currently 19th;

I think Wolves will struggle to match last season's point total, and they may be relegated by March.

Well, I guess those aren't too far off, but look at what I wrote about West Ham, whom Bolton tore apart this afternoon;

When all is said and done, West Ham United will still be in the Premier League. They may give their supporters a scare, much like last season, but I think they will ultimately be pretty comfortable. They could finish as high as tenth, or as low as fifteenth.

They are only 1 point from safety, so I could ultimately be proven correct, but wow, did they look bad today.  I don't know why, but I overate West Ham based on their raw talent every single season.  They will probably leapfrog Blackpool though, and I was spot on about the Tangerines;

There will be a draw against a big team, maybe even a home win against a top 4 side, an inspiring performance away from home in London or Manchester, and a lot of fun afternoons that the supporters should make sure they enjoy, because this is a one season adventure.

I will leave you with my prediction for the current 16th place club, Aston Villa.  A hint, I was miles off;

I will withhold final judgement until a new boss is appointed, but it is safe to say Villa have a wide range of possible results this campaign. If they get in the right manager, and keep hold of their best players, another top 4 challenge and top 6 finish could be on the cards. On the other hand, if they get in the wrong manager, they could fall out of the top 10 altogether.

Later this week I will take a look at the rest of the bottom half of the table.  I expected one of those clubs to contend for the Europa League, but then they fired their manager...

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