Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Long Day (Part 1)

We arrived at Honolulu International Airport roughly 75 minutes before our flight.  A rude attendant at the curbside check-in gave us our boarding passes.  Of course, I managed to lose mine somewhere between security and our gate.  Our flight had already started boarding at this point, so I sprinted all the way back to security, frantically searching the floor for my boarding pass.  Once I got there, out of breath and my flight leaving in 20 minutes, someone from TSA told me, "Oh, you can just have them print you out a new one at the gate."  Really?  Gee, thanks.  

Then I sprinted all the way back to the gate, where the airline representative handed me my boarding pass and said, "Oh, someone turned this in."  Erin and I were the last two people to get on the plane, which took off almost as soon as we sat down.  No matter, we had made it.  Nothing was left to do but look out the window and say aloha to Hawaii.

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