Monday, June 2, 2008

A Long Day (Part 2)

Erin and I both shed tears as we watched the clear blue water of the Pacific get farther and farther away from us.

We thought of all the friends we had made on our island paradise, and hoped we would see them again soon.

Many of our friends are leaving as well, and things will never be the same. We will miss John and Angela, who are moving to Irvine, and we wouldn't have run into them at Dim Sum on Sunday mornings, or at Murphy's on First Fridays.

We will miss Christine, who always had smile and something cheery to say. We will miss Sera, and hope that the reunion she is attempting to organize at Disney World comes to fruition.

Wentai and Yoshie will be going to Japan soon, so no more Karaoke and Jack Daniels. No more golfing with Neal or Super soup with Maria and Kristen and Hygia.

There are really too many people to mention, and Erin and I had a long flight home to talk about them, think about them, miss them, and hope that we will keep in touch with them. We love our friends, and we loved our life in Hawaii.

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