Thursday, March 1, 2007

"This shirt is an extra large."

So I went to Sports Authority today to get a new pair of track suit bottoms for my marathon training. I bought a black pair from Russell Athletic. They were a boys large, and, predictably, they are too big. Has some giant race of humans overtaken the earth and demanded clothing sizes be altered accordingly? Seriously, I am not an exceedingly large individual, but I don't think I am extraordinarily small either. I see men smaller than me every day. I just can't believe that I am nearly thirty years old and have to shop in the boy's section to find athletic gear that fits me. Am I alone in this? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Most people like huge gym clothes. They're cozy for eating chips while watching "Dancing with the Stars." Also I would guess most of the men you see smaller than you are Asian and prone to have small builds. You do live in Hawaii after all. --Dan