Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You'll Never Walk Alone

But Eidur Gudjonson may as well have been. He was the only Barcelona player who appeared to care if they won or lost against Liverpool. And he only played the last 20 minutes. That had to be the most indifferent performance I have ever seen in the knockout stages of the Champions League. It's sad really. Barcelona just has a tremendous amount of talent, but they can't seem to put it together as they did last season.

Inter also has a tremendous amount of talent, and have looked as if they were finally going to round a corner they have been waiting to figure out for years, but they fell apart at the worst possible moment. So we have Valencia, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Roma in the final 8. Sets up some more cracking matches.

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Anonymous said...

I must disagee ole chap - I think you're daft! I jolly well think young Gudjonson could've showed a bit more bloody pluckiness too. What a beastly match overall! I say bollocks to this season's Champion's League!