Wednesday, July 16, 2008

In a Parallel Universe

The President of the United States today made this statement:

The United States of America recently submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council.  This resolution called for an arms embargo against Zimbabwe and targeted sanctions against that country's President, Robert Mugabe, and 13 of his most senior government associates.  In an unconscionable move, China and Russia used their veto powers as permanent members of the Security Council to block this resolution.  As a person of conscience I cannot allow these actions to go unchallenged.  
The logic behind the reasons these nations have given for this veto do not stand up to even a cursory examination.  Perhaps the truth is that these governments came to power themselves through questionable elections, in the case of Russia, or no elections at all, in the case of China.  Perhaps they feel that supporting this resolution will lead to an examination of their own power base, and how it was obtained.  Their motivation is not important at this time.  What is important is our reaction to this perversion of justice.
 I have recently returned from the annual G8 summit, a gathering of the world's strongest nations designed to create cooperation and trust in economic as well as social issues.  Russia was only admitted to this group recently and, quite frankly, they have not behaved in a manner appropriate to membership.  I will propose to the other members of this body that Russia be expelled, effective immediately, and any trade agreements they are party to through membership be terminated.  I will also propose that China be denied membership to this group, and any trade agreements they may have with members of this group immediately be reviewed.
Violence is a problem the world over.  Systematic violence by a government against its own people cannot be tolerated.  Acquiescence to this violence is no less egregious, and action must be taken where intervention is called for. 

This is fiction.  Our current president would never say this.  Whatever one's political leanings are, I believe there is universal horror towards the actions of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and the protectionist behavior of other nations, essentially the condoning of these actions.  Whomever you are voting for in the fall, ask yourself, do they have the strength to make such a statement, and to back it up with action?  If not, perhaps you should reconsider your choice before marking your ballot.     

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